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DIY Decorative Sea Glass

DIY Decorative Sea Glass

A creative DIY from Paige Hemmis.
  • Elmers Glue (large bottle)
  • Old vases, glass items you would like to use
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint sponges
  • Plate for mixing
  • Plastic spoon or knife to mix with
  • Food coloring or frosting color
  • White acrylic paint (optional)
  • Any accessories you want on your vase


1. Take plate and pour some of the glue on the plate

2. Add a drop of blue or green to your glue

3. Mix. Add a little more blue or green to make the perfect color that you would like

4. Optional: Add white acrylic paint to make it lighter if needed

5. Take a small paint brush and paint the mixture on the glass

6. If you are painting the outside of a vase, you can use the paint brush

7. If you want to paint the inside of the vase then use a sponge to get into hard-to- reach places.

8. Add rope, shells, lace, charms, or anything you would like

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