Ken Wingard is turning drop cloth into stylish curtains for your home.


  • 1 6x9 ft. drop cloth (1 for each panel)
  • 1 Oversized wall stencil
  • Chalk
  • Paint
  • Stencil Brush
  • Fabric Glue
  • Wooden Rod
DIY Stenciled Drapes - Home & Family


1. Line stencil up on fabric, mark corners with chalk. Reposition stencil, marking each position, to form vertical columns up and down the fabric.

2. Place stencil in between columns, in the empty spaces to create damask pattern. Repeat markings up and down the fabric, mark with chalk.

3. Dip stencil brush in paint, remove excess. Stipple the paint inside the stencil that has been placed on your marked position. For best results, use a “pouncing” technique of swift, brisk, strokes. Let dry.

4. To hang curtains, fold top edge of panel down, seal with thread or glue. Slide wooden rod into the pocket and hang.

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