Matt Iseman shows you how a creative way to put your crutches to good use.


  • Crutches
  • 1x4 Wooden Boards
  • 3-inch metal bracket
  • self-tapping screws
DIY Crutches Bookshelf - Home & Family


1) Remove all rubber caps on crutches, discard.

2) Measure distance between top and bottom shelf and adjust hand rest so it is right in the middle for shelf.

3) Spray paint crutches ( any color that you want) and stain or paint boards accordingly.

4) Attach the top of both crutches with metal bracket, use self-tapping screws.

5) Cut each shelf to size.

6) Insert all shelves.

7) Secure shelf, drill hole through crutch into board, hold in place with screw.

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