DIY Crayon Wall Art with Tanya Memme


  • A canvas 24″x12″ is a good size
  • A hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Crayons – you will need at least a 96 crayon pack – buy extra crayons so you have enough
  • A heat gun (available from most craft stores, sold near stamping supplies, or gift wrap/cellophane)


  1. Sort the crayons by color. Eliminate browns, blacks or grays – they aren’t colorful.
  2. Line up the crayons by color and shade. Line up the crayons next to the canvas, so you know exactly how many you’ll need to fit the length of the canvas.
  3. Begin hot gluing the crayons to the canvas.
  4. Once all the crayons are glued on, cover your work area with paper, and lean the canvas up against a support.
  5. Begin heating one section of the crayons with the heat gun. Hold the gun about 12 inches from the crayons. It will take a couple minutes for the crayons to begin to melt.*Some people us a blow dryer – it takes longer and the wax tends to fly in all directions. You can do it this way but I don’t recommend it.
  6. Continue directing heat at a section of crayons, and use the air and heat as needed to direct the wax down the canvas.
  7. Continue working a section at a time. The total time for melting the crayons on this canvas (24″ wide) was about 45 minutes.
  8. When all the crayons have melted, and dripped down, pick up the canvas from your work area. Scrape off any excess wax from along the bottom edge of the canvas, then use the heat gun as needed to melt the wax along the edge of the canvas.*This craft will cost about $35.00 including the canvas, the crayons and the heat gun.
DIY Crayon Wall Art with Tanya Memme

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