DIY Crayon Egg Candle with Tanya Memme

We prep our eggs?
Start by blowing our eggs out:
• Poke a hole in the top of the egg with a thin nail. • Poke a toothpick in the egg to break up the yolk. • Poke a larger hole in the bottom of the egg. • Blow the egg yolk and white out of the egg blowing through the larger hole.

  1. Melt the crayons and paraffin wax to 125F so they blend easily.
  2. Allow the wax to cool for 2-3 hours until completely set.
  3. If the eggshell is sticking use a dinner knife to peel the shell apart.
  4. Use a hairdryer or soft cloth to polish your eggs.

DIY Crayon Egg Candles with Tanya Memme

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