• Macramé Rings
  • Needle
  • Red Thread
  • Cranberries
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cup Hook


1. Cut thread to the desired length for your cranberry strings.
Tip: Give yourself extra room to tie of thread once all cranberries are threaded through.

2. Use needle and thread and slide 2 cranberries at a time through.

3. Repeat until your entire thread is full of cranberries.

4. Tie off the end of your thread.

5. Use red ribbon and tie it to the four ends of you macrame ring.

6. Bring the four pieces of ribbon together and tie off, attaching to a cup hook. You will use this to hang later.

7. Loop cranberries over macramer ring.

8. Tip: When looping, leave two cranberries at the top to act like a spacer, otherwise the strings will be in front of each other instead of next to each other.

9. Repeat this until the entire macrame ring is covered with cranberry rings.

10. Use hot glue to attach twine or garland to the macrame ring.

11. Allow to dry and hang from cup hook you installed earlier.

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