DIY Crafty Kitchen Towels

Paige Hemmis has a fun way to jazz up your household kitchen towels with colorful ribbons.


  • Kitchen Towels
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
DIY Craft Kitchen Towels - Home & Family


1. For the wine bottle, just wrap a kitchen towel around the bottle and tie a bow out of silk ribbon at the top of the bottle, just before the neck goes into the large part of the bottle.

2. For the cookbook, use a thinner kitchen towel and wrap it like you would a present. Tie it up with a ribbon that goes all the way around the book.

3. For the kitchen tools, wrap the towel around them like it’s a bouquet of flowers. Tie your bow on the lower third of the utensils and that will give you that look.

4. For framing a kitchen towel, buy a frame in the size that you like. Take the towel and position it so that you are happy with its orientation. You can attach the towel as a whole, but most likely you will have to trim it to make sure it looks good in the frame. And don’t forget to iron the towel!

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