DIY Countdown to Christmas Keepsake Ornament Calendar

A DIY From Kenneth Wingard.


  • 2 Foam Core sheets
  • Brick or stone patterned scrapbooking or dollhouse paper
  • Bingo number tiles
  • Dollhouse roofing sheets or shingle patterned scrapbook paper


1) Draw out your skyline on one sheet of foam core and cut out; I made my buildings all 6” wide.


2) Cut the other sheet into 4” wide strips.


3) Glue one strip to the bottom of the skyline.


4) Cut the other strips to the different heights of the skyline and glue them to the back every 6”.


5) Cut another strip into 6” lengths and glue them between the uprights to create cubbies.


6) Cover the front of the skyline with various patterned paper.


7) Cut additional strips of foam core to create roofs.  To peak your roofs, cut through all but one layer of paper of the foam core and bend in half.


8) Cover the roofs with the roofing paper.


9) Print out your doors and windows, cut out and glue onto desired location making sure they align with the cubbies (see door & window template links below)


10) Cut around windows and doors, through the foam core to create doors.


11) Glue bingo tiles 1-24 (or 25) to each door and window.


Additional options

Create snow for the roofs by spray gluing snow to card stock and bending to fit roofs.


Add dollhouse or snow village lights.


Add mini-garland to fronts of houses.

Download the Door 1 PDF

Download Door 2 PDF

Download Window PDF

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