Ken Wingard has a decorative DIY perfect for your Thanksgiving table.


  • Corn husks, fresh or dried, about 6-8 pieces. Note: If you are using dried husks, soak husks in water to soften them.
  • String
  • Cotton balls, about 4 for head

DIY Corn Husk Dolls - Home & Family


Step 1. HEAD: Take a couple of strips of husk, put one on top of the other, tie together in the middle. Crumble up a piece of paper and place in the middle, spread husk over balls and tie with string to make a head.

Step 2. ARMS: Make arms by rolling husk (3½”) tightly over a piece of wire (3”) and tying it near each end to make hands.

Step 3: PUFF SLEEVES: Use very soft and pliable husk (2½ x 2½ “). Place husk with the ends extending over the end of the arm, overlapping and gathering, tie with string. Pull husk back over arm forming sleeve as shown. Slip the arms between the husks that extend under the head. Tie the waist with string.

Step 4: BODICE: Take two pieces of husks and wrap one over each shoulder of doll, crossing in front and back at waist. Tie together at waist.

Step 5: SKIRT: Use 3 or 4 large and thick pieces of husks. Position doll’s arms above her head. Gather and wrap husks around doll’s waist with husks in an upward position and slightly overlapping. Tie tightly around dolls waist. Fold the husks down carefully. For a woman wearing a long skirt, cut the husks straight across at the hem. Place rubber band around bottom of skirt and let dry completely.

Step 6 Optional: You can leave the doll as is, or give it a face, hair, or even some fancy clothes. Glue some fuzzy yarn or hemp for hair and wings for an angel. Add some tiny beads for buttons, and bits of fabric for aprons or vests.

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