DIY Conversation Heart Accessories

Orly Shani is making her own Valentine's Day accessories with a silicone heart mold.


  • Glue Gun sticks
  • Silicone Heart Mold
  • Nail Polish or Craft Paint
  • Precision Point Pen
  • Accessory
DIY Conversation Heart Accessories - Home & Family


1. The first thing you’re going to do is to chop up your glue gun sticks.
2. After that start placing equal amounts of sticks into the molds.
3. Place molds into the oven at 375, and keep checking in on the molds every couple of minutes until they are completely melted.
4. Once melted, pull out & let dry completely.
5. Pop them out of the molds. If there are a lot of air bubbles use an x-acto knife & chop about a quarter of the heart off. This will get rid of the air bubbles & give you a nice flat surface .
6. Time to paint them. Either use nail polish, or a brush & craft paint.
7. Once dry, write your message using a precision point pen.
8. Glue onto any accessory you want. IF you want to make a necklace, screw in a hook & then loop through a necklace.

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