Ken Wingard is putting together a wreath with just a handful of materials.


  • Wreath shell
  • Fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron-on letters
  • Hot glue
  • Fabric glue
  • Buttons
DIY Commemorative Wreath - Home & Family


1. Take your fabric & cut rectangular strips

2. Take your strips & knot them around the wires of the shell of the wreath

3. Repeat this until the wreath is completely full

4. Make sure to keep one half of the wreath camo & the other red. This way when you make the flowers you make them the inverted color so you can see them

5. To make the flower -Take a lid at least 4 inch in diameter

6. Trace the outline of the lid onto fabric & then cut the circle out

7. Fold the circle in half & hot glue together

8. Fold it again so it’s in a cone-like shape & fabric glue that together.

9. Squeeze in the sides to make it ruffle like a flower pedal

10. Make about 5 pedals

11. Fabric glue all pedals together by just dabbing a little dot on each side & put together

12. To make the center of the flower just wrap a button in fabric. Glue the fabric to the back & then glue onto the center of the flower

13. Once that is done, attach the flower(s) to the wreath with hot glue

14. To make the letters- Cut out a long rectangular piece of fabric

15. Iron-on letters to that piece of fabric

16. Hot glue onto the wreath

17. Ta Da!

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