Paige Hemmis is making a rustic communication center with household shutters.


  • Household shutters (can be new or repurposed like we are doing)
  • Chalkboard
  • Cork board
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • “S” hooks
  • Any scrap wood
  • Screws and screw gun
  • Wood glue
  • Any baskets, knobs, holders, etc. that you have around the house to repurpose
  • Sand paper
  • French cleat
  • OPTIONAL: Paint


1. Decide where you’d like this command center in your home. Then go on the hunt for some old shutters that will fit.

2. If your shutters are really rustic, clean them up, sand down any areas that might give you
splinters, and fix any parts that might need fixing. If you are getting new shutters, use that
sand paper to rough them up to look rustic!

3. If you would like paint them, do that now. Since we are going for a rustic look, I suggest
doing a dry-brush technique, or painting them and using the sand paper to pull back some of
the paint.

4. Grab all of your items that you would like to use and set them out. See what you like as is,
and what you might like to paint. If there is anything you would like to paint, paint them now
and set them aside to dry. Since this might change for you guys at home depending on what
you have, I’ll just run you through what I did to create mine!

5. Whether your shutters are rickety or new, you will have to attach them together. Take a
scrap piece of wood and lay it across the shutters on the back. Attach them to the shutters by
using wood glue and your screws and screw gun.

6. Take all of your items that you want to attach to the shutters and start laying them out, deciding where they will go on your shutters. I will be using chalkboard signs, baskets
attached with “S” hooks, cork boards, small old door handles that I’ll use as hooks, funky
drawer knobs/pulls, galvanized metal large envelope, and I’m using wood words that spell
“Home and Family”. It will vary depending on each item how you attach them to the shutters. Some will need hot glue, some will need screws, some will need hooks, etc.

7. To hang your shutters, use a French cleat and find the studs. THIS WILL BE HEAVY! Plus, you
want to be able to load it up, so make sure you find the studs before you hang it!

8. Fill/hang your baskets and knobs with mail, magazines, etc.

9. Sit back, relax and admire your new command center using things you already had around
the house!

1. Don’t worry about your items matching! You can go true shabby chic and mix colors or use paint to make them all cohesive.
2. Don’t feel like you have to follow my “recipe” here exactly. Look around the house, in your crafts, in your garage, and under cabinets to find fun things to incorporate!

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