DIY Clay Sweater Coasters - Lynn Lilly

These adorably intricate mini sweaters are incredibly easy to make.


  • oven bake polymer clay
  • craft knife
  • silicone craft mat
  • key ring
  • felt or cork sheet
  • pencil or other marking tool
  • hot glue gun and glue
DIY Clay Sweater Coasters - Home & Family


1. Roll out a piece of clay until it is pretty thin, fold it in half and twist.

2. Repeat step 1 and then twist both twists together to create a double twist.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 until you have 9 double twists.

4. Lay 5 of the double twists next to each other and gently push them together to form the body of the sweater.

5. Add two more double twists on each side of the sweater body to form sleeves, pressing together gently to adhere.

6. Use a craft knife to cut a straight edge across the bottom of the sweater body and the ends of the sleeves.

7. Roll out three more pieces of clay to add to the bottom of the body of the sweater and the sleeves. Use your fingers to slightly flatten.

8. Lightly push the tip of the craft knife into the pieces you added in step 7 to make sweater ribs.

9. Use a keyring to stamp out the neckline of the sweater. Smooth the neckline with your finger.

10. Bake according to clay packaging in your home oven.

11. Lay the sweater on a matching piece of felt or cork and trace. Cut out the outline.

12. Use a hot glue gun to glue the piece onto the bottom of the sweater so you have an even, smooth coaster with grip.

13. Allow the glue to set and enjoy!

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