Make a holiday wreath using wood twig and festive embellishments.
DIY Christmas Wreath
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  • Wood twig wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters (or strong scissors)
  • Any embellishments you would like to use. For Example: berries, greenery, wood pieces, ribbon and burlap rope.


1. Take a craft store twig wreath and deconstructed it. For a shabby chic feel, leave the smaller twigs on it so it looks a little messy. For a modern feel, remove all of the smaller twigs and use the larger simple, smooth twigs.
2. Pull pieces apart from your embellishments and add them to one part of the wreath by attaching them with floral wire. You will want to concentrate on one area instead of going completely around the wreath. This is where you will have to use your new “less is more” philosophy.
3. Continue to add embellishments in the one area of the wreath.
4. If you have rope or ribbon, add this last and cover any pieces of wire that are exposed.
5. Hang up your wreath and enjoy!
1. Using floral wire instead of glue will allow your wreath to hold up in the elements. Hot glue may melt in sunlight or come apart in wind, rain or snow.
2. You can use just small parts of decorations that you already have around your house since you will only need a little bit to create this wreath.
3. Think outside the box for embellishments. Use whatever you have!
4. If you are looking for a wreath that doesn’t need to keep for years, feel free to use greenery from your yard. If you want to keep this wreath for the long hall, use artificial greenery.

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