DIY Christmas Tree Earrings

Orly Shani takes safety pins from functional to fashionable and turns them into earrings, necklaces and broaches.
DIY Christmas Tree Earrings
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  • Safety pins in multi-size pack in gold finish
  • Eye pins
  • Tiny beads in green, gold and various colors to mimic ornaments
  • Jump rings
  • Earring hooks
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters


  1. Slide the green and colorful beads onto 3 of the small safety pins and 5 of the big safety pins. Make sure to use more green beads than any other color and alternate the colors.
  2. Use the jewelry pliers to open up four jump rings and attach the top of the 3 small safety pins to one. Close the jump ring.
  3. Put a jump ring onto the end of each small safety pin and close it.
  4. Feed the hole of the large safety pin onto an eye pin and alternating the small and big, feed the remaining safety pins onto the eye pin.
  5. Use your wire cutters to trim the excess of the eye pin down to about ½”.
  6. Use your jewelry pliers to bend the end of the eye pin back onto towards the bead so to secure.
  7. Feed a gold bead onto an eye pin then feed the bottom of the large safety pins onto the eye pin alternating with the gold beads.
  8. Cut the excess of the eye pin back to ½” and bend it backward using your jewelry pliers.
  9. Use your jewelry pliers to attach the earring hook to the jump ring at the top of your tree.
  10. To create a matching earring repeat steps 1-9.
  11. Put on and enjoy!

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