DIY Christmas Train Toy Chest

Ken Wingard shows you how to make an aesthetically pleasing and adorable toy boxes.
DIY Christmas Train Toy Chest
Decor, Home Decor, Holiday Decor
Seasonal Event:
Christmas, Seasonal


  • 3 Premade Wood Toy Boxes
  • 3 wood crates (small, medium, large)
  • (8) 6” wood rounds
  • (2) 11” wood rounds
  • (8) 4” wood rounds
  • 1 shield plaque
  • (1) 8” sonotube
  • 1 rectangular plaque (6x8)
  • Balsa wood trim
  • Puck light
  • Train bell
  • Spray paint or brush paint
  • Craft foam
  • E6000
  • Drill



  1. Cut the medium crate to fit the top of the toy box & glue in place on top of toy chest with E6000.
  2. Spray paint the whole thing red.
  3. Paint all the wood rounds black.
  4. Add 2 small wheels & 1 large wheel to each side of the toy box.
  5. Cut ½ inch piece of wood to fit in between the wheels & paint silver.
  6. Then glue onto wheels with E6000.
  7. Cut your sonotube to about 12”. Cut the bottom to fit the top of toy box lid.
  8. Paint sonotube black & then attach to top of toy box with E6000.
  9. Paint your shield black & give it some gold trim. (Add kids initials) & attach to the side.
  10. Paint your plaque back.
  11. Attach your plaque to the front of the engine & then screw your bell into it to connect.
  12. Add puck light below.
  13. Take a large crate & paint it black. Using tape, tape on the little grates. Then just place in front so it can serve as a little stool.


  1. Paint your toy box red.
  2. Paint the lid black.
  3. Run 1x2 balsa wood across the side of toy box to divide into 4 sections making windows.
  4. Paint your windows black.
  5. Add 2 wheels (medium size wood rounds) on each side of the train using E6000.


  1. Paint your whole toy box red.
  2. Take your small crate & cut bottom to fit the lid if necessary.
  3. Glue your crate onto the center of the toy box lid.
  4. Paint red.
  5. Glue on your wheels.
  6. Add 4 small wood plaques on each side (8 total) to add black windows & add embellishments.
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