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DIY Christmas Tissue Boxes

DIY Christmas Tissue Boxes

Maria Provenzano shows you how to take a simple tissue box and make part of your holiday décor.
Materials for Snowman Tissue Box
  • Wood tissue cover 
  • White Paint or spray paint 
  • Orange paint 
  • Black paint 
  • Pink paint 
  • Paint brushes
  • Snow-tex; optional 
Materials for Santa Tissue Box
  • Wood tissue box cover 
  • Red paint or spray paint 
  • black ribbon 
  • faux fur ribbon or cotton 
  • glue gun 
  • gold scrape book paper 
Materials for Snowflake Tissue Cover
  • Wood tissue box cover 
  • White spray paint 
  • Glue gun 
  • Glitter; optional; apply with mod podge if using 
Materials for Present Tissue Box Cover
  • Wood tissue box cover 
  • Paint or spray paint 
  • Wired ribbon 
  • Glue gun 
Materials for Poinsettia Tissue Box Cover
  • Wood tissue box cover 
  • Faux poinsettia flower 
  • Paint of desired color 
  • Glue gun 


Snowman Tissue Box
1. Paint or spray paint the tissue box and allow to dry completely
2. Paint on some rosy cheeks if desired with the pink paint
3. Paint the rest of the face as desired
4. Add snow-tex for more fun details

Santa Tissue Box
1. Paint the tissue box with the red paint or spray paint. Allow to dry
2. Add the faux fur or cotton around the top and bottom of the tissue box with the glue gun.
3. Wrap the black ribbon around the middle for the "belt" and attach with the glue gun.
4. Make a gold square out of the scrapbook paper for the "belt buckle" and attach with the glue gun.

Snowflake Tissue Cover
1. Use the glue gun to make snowflakes on the wood tissue box cover and allow to dry.
2. Spray paint the tissue box cover with the white spray paint and allow to dry. Add glitter detail as desired.

Present Tissue Box Cover
1. Paint the box the desired color
2. Use another color to place the ribbon on the box to look like a present
3. Make loops at the top of the box to looks like a bow

Poinsettia Tissue Box Cover
1. Paint the tissue box with paint of desired color
2. Attach the poinsettia with the glue gun

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