DIY Christmas Stocking Hanging Post

Paige Hemmis shows you how to make this awesome holiday DIY.


  • Wood post
  • Post topper
  • Post skirt
  • Plywood
  • Dowels
  • Dowel caps
  • Robe hangers
  • Screws
  • Screw gun/drill
  • Wood glue
DIY Stocking Holder - Home & Family


Step 1- Attach Post to Base
Measure 3 1/2″ from one end of the 4×4 post and drill a hole all the way through using the 1/2″ spade bit, staying as vertical as possible. Slide wooden dowel in the hole and make sure it is level when the post is upright. Measure and mark the center point on the 16″x16″ plywood base on both sides. From the center point on one side, measure 1 3/4″ out in all 4 directions, so you know where to place the post. Attach the base to the post (opposite the end that has the hole drilled through), from the underside of the base using 3, 3″ exterior screws. Make sure you post is lined up with the marks you made.

Step 2- Add Pedestal and Trimwork to Post
Glue and nail the 1x4s to opposite sides of the post (same sides as the dowels are sticking out), so they are flush. Glue and nail the 1x6s that are ripped down to 5 1/8″ wide to the front and back of the post. Glue and nail the 1x2s to the top of the pedestal created with the 1x4s and 1x 5 1/8″ boards. Glue and nail the 1x2s to the base of the pedestal with the skinny side facing up. Add the ornamental trim with glue (nails aren’t really necessary, but you can add one on each side if you want). Place the post skirt trim over the 1×2 ‘shelf’ on the top of the post pedestal and glue/nail it in place.

Step 3: Attach Decorative Post Cap
Remove screw at the base of the ball finial post cap by unscrewing it with pliers. Place a generous amount of wood glue at the base and press firmly to the 4×4 flat top post cap. Let dry COMPLETELY before attaching the post cap to the top of the fence post using wood glue.

Step 4: Fill Holes/Cracks & Paint
Fill cracks, and nail holes with wood filler. Let dry and sand smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. Fill seams with white caulk and let dry. Paint with exterior paint.

Step 5: Attach Hooks
Measure and mark about 2 1/2″ down from the bottom of the post cap on the front and attach one double hook at that point using the provided screws with a cordless drill. Measure and mark the sides about 6″ up from the top of the pedestal trim.

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