Paige Hemmis is making her own Christmas tree out of spoons and foam cones.


  • Plastic/wooden or bamboo spoons
  • Foam cones
  • Glue gun & glue
  • Modge Podge or Glitter paint
  • Paintbrush 
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic spray


1. Paint a gazillion tips of plastic spoons with your desired choice of color and set aside to dry. I found this much easier then trying to paint the spoons when they attached to your tree base.

2. Cut handles off the plastic spoons. The spoons will cut fairly easily with some scissors. The amount of spoons used for this project is totally dependent on the size you choose.

3. Spray with acrylic sealant.
Once your spoons are dry, coat them lightly with acrylic sealant. This will help keep the glitter from falling off and ending up all over your house (you’re welcome).

4. Glue spoons onto cone.
Starting at the bottom of the cone, and moving around the base in a full circle, hot glue spoons onto the cone. The bottom row will take the longest, and the task gets quicker with each concentric circle, but this step takes a WHILE, so be prepared.

5. Add the tree topper explain different styles and tips

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