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DIY Christmas Shawl

DIY Christmas Shawl

Orly’s Christmas Shawl is perfect for a snowy day.
  • Felt, fleece or other cozy fabric in a festive pattern or pre-existing shawl
  • Faux fur or pom-pom trim
  • Fabri-tac
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler
  • Chalk or other marking tool
  • Optional: Sewing machine



1. Use your fabric scissors to cut a large rectangle out of your fabric. 30”x60” is a good size.

2. Fold all of the edges over ½” and press with an iron. If you’re making the faux fur trim option, you don’t have to hem the two short edges.

3. Hem the edges with fabri-tac. Sewing is also an option for this.

4. If adding faux fur trim, use fabric scissors to cut a rectangle to the width of the edge you’re attaching to double the desired height of the trim you want. The doubled height allows you to sandwich the edge so you have fur on both sides of your shawl.

5. Take your faux fur accents and arrange them to ensure you like the placement. Add the faux fur or pom-pom trim around the edges.

6. Attach to shawl as desired with fabri-tac.

7. Allow glue to set and enjoy!


1. Take the shawl and lay it out. Arrange your embellishments along the edges of your shawl as desired to make sure you like the placement.

2. Attach with fabri-tac.

3. Allow glue to set and enjoy!

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