DIY Christmas Roller Coaster

Ken Wingard is making a Christmas Roller Coaster that will be the main attraction in anyone’s home this holiday.
DIY Christmas Roller Coaster
Christmas Decor
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  • ¾” Balsa wood strips
  • Foam core
  • White craft boxes
  • Veneer edging
  • ½” wooden discs
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Faux mini presents or mini craft boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, tape and twine


  1. Create a rectangular foam core base to the desired length and width of your rollercoaster. Use a ruler and pencil to mark, cut to size with an X-acto knife on a cutting mat.
  2. To make the side rails of the rollercoaster, this will create the top edge of your coaster. Decide the highest and lowest point of your coaster. Draw then cut out the curve of the top edge on foam core about ½” wide. Cut out a second identical curved rail.
  3. Cut the vertical support beams to height. Measure the height every 5 inches from the base to the side rail and cut pieces of balsa to height of the curve for each support beam. PRO TIP: The taller you make the coaster, the more “x” shaped cross supports you’ll need.
  4. Glue the vertical supports in place every 5”, one end adhered to the base, the other to the curved side rail. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Cut pieces of balsa for your “x” shaped cross supports. Measure as you go, mark then cut each piece to height with an X-acto to fit diagonal across each 5” section.
  6. Adhere the “x” shaped cross supports in place with hot glue in between each vertical support.
  7. Create the track. Cut pieces of the balsa strips to the width of the space in between the side rails. Adhere the track in place by placing each piece of balsa wood 2-3 inches apart in between the side rails and glue in place with hot glue.
  8. Cover the top edges of the coaster with the edging veneer, use hot glue to attach. Cut away any excess.
  9. Create the rollercoaster carts. Remove the top from the craft box, measure the width of the sides of the box, cut 4 strips of edging veneer to that length. Glue a piece of veneer along the top edge of the box on all four sides at the same height. Add the small wooden discs as details on the veneer and as wheels to two parallel sides of the cart. Repeat to create as many carts as desired.
  10. Add faux mini presents which you can purchase or wrap yourself, real presents or stockings stuffers to the carts. Enjoy!

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