Orly Shani is making the perfect DIY for your holiday party.


  • Christmas Lights
  • Screw-in wall Hooks
  • Rope
  • Black sheet or table cloth


1. Hang a black backdrop. Could be a sheet, towel, or whatever you happen to have around the house with push pins, or thumb tacks
2. Drill a small hole into the wall where your hooks will be
3. Take wall hook & screw it into your holes that you’ve drilled
4. Take rope and fold the end of it in half, loop it, and pull tight to tie.
5. Take the loop at the end of your rope & attach to hook
6. Test other end to make sure the rope doesn’t sag when both ends are hanging
7. Tighten as needed & hook rope onto the hook
8. Then take a strand of lights & loop it around the rope; keep going up & down
9. Make the lights almost touch the ground when looping
10. Connect the plugs together as you go
11. Try to divide the light between plugs, use extension cords if need be. You don’t want to blow a fuse
12. Using LED lights will help too
13. Pug in & snap away!

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