DIY Christmas Globe Center

A Tanya Memme DIY.


  • Balloons: either a regular 12" balloon or a jumbo (round balloons) if you want it large.
  • Yarn or cotton string
  • Packing or duck tape
  • Fabric Stiffener or Mod Podge stiffener (add water to this a 3:1 stiffener to water ratio is good)
  • Large bowl
  • Plastic container
  • Plain wreath
  • Miniatures and holiday items to go inside the globe
  • Lights or other accessories to decorate the wreath

To Make the Globe:


1) Inflate balloon.  

2) If you have a regular balloon you must get rid of the "egg" shape by flattening the pointy side of the balloon with duck tape. This makes the balloon round.


3) Tie the yarn on to the end of balloon to secure it in place and start wrapping balloon in all directions until the balloon is covered with a web of yarn. Create a few layers. Your biggest openings should be 1/4" or so.


4) Make sure to keep a large opening in the front of the balloon to create the right look.


5) Water down the fabric stiffener (3:1 stiffener to water)


6) Dip balloon in bowl of fabric stiffener. Roll it around and pat it down with your hands until all the yarn is saturated.


7) Stand it on a coffee cup or plastic container to let dry.


8) Dry over night


9) Pop balloon in the morning! That's the fun part!


10) Add fake snow, lights and decorations to inside of globe.


11) Place in the middle of a wreath!

12) Add final touches!

Notes: I used Christmas ornaments as well as mini people and trees from a craft store. If you buy ornaments before Thanksgiving weekend, many times they are on sale! Creating the mini winter scene is the best part! Make sure it looks as real as it can!

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