Create your own kid-friendly box for the holidays.


  • Wooden Box or Crate
  • Paint
  • Gel Medium
  • Decals
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller Tool or any object with a hard straightedge
  • Sponge


1. Buy a wooden box or crate.
2. Paint it a holiday color. Remember to stick with lighter colors so that the decals pop on the box.
3. Print out mock-ups of your decals and play around with the sizing and spacing.
4. Once you have your design perfected, print out your reverse images of your decals using a laser printer on laser paper. If you print on an inkjet printer, the photos will not transfer.
5. Cut out decals and apply gel medium to the image.
6. Place face down on the box and use a rolling tool or an object with a hard straightedge to get out all the bubbles. Make sure that none of the gel medium gets on the blank side of the decal, otherwise the paper will not wipe away.
7. Take a wet sponge and slowly wipe the paper away. The decal should have transferred onto the box.
8. Fill your box with Christmas goodies, and add any extra holiday embellishments.

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