Paige Hemmis has the perfect DIY for those counting down the days to Christmas.


  • Clock
  • Plywood rounds
  • PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe end caps
  • Plastic column
  • Wood applique
  • Screws
  • Hot glue
  • House numbers


1. Take PVC end cap, center it, glue and screw to plywood round base.
2. Attach your 6ft pipe.
3. Take your plastic column and cut out the bottom and cut out a 3” hole in the top. Now slide the column over your pipe and at that point you can glue it or you can leave it and it will hold.
4. Take your second plywood round and glue on your decorative wooden appliques at the top.
5. On the bottom glue and screw on your second PVC endcap.
6. On the appliques and the PVC endcap – cut a little flatter to attach them to one another (creating a stronger base to attach to).

Clock – Take an old clock and remove the glass and remove the clock face and numbers that it came with and now take a piece of foam core to fit and paint it to your liking.
Glue on house numbers to create 1-25.
Put back in the clock.

Take the “hour” hand as your template create a fanciful arrow with the same appliques that you used and that gets attached to your clock where the hand goes.

Clock face then gets attached to your overall top
Take finished painted one, walk over and put it on top and put it on your post. Then, add details – we painted it all back and added gold trim and added rope and wood plugs for decorative accents.

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