Orly Shani is making the perfect DIY to give out as presents this holiday season.


1. Melt wax in a double boiler

2. While it’s melting start to make you chocolate chips just by cutting up a piece of dark brown or black crayon with a knife

3. Once the wax is fully melted you add the fragrance oils.. about 2 big splashes

4. Pour out some of the wax into another bowl & add a little bit of brown crayon (maybe some orange to warm it up) , we need to aim to make ours beige for the cookie color

5. Add white crayon into the rest of the wax. It will dry white but we want it Milk white

6. Keep stirring the cookie wax until it turns to a putty-like substance

7. Once it’s putty-like scoop it out & shape your cookie with a spoon

8. Put chocolate chip crayon shavings on top of your cookie

9. Stick the bottom of the wick into your milk wax & then into your candle glass holder. Make sure you place the wick off-center for the placement of the cookie

10. Pour white wax into the glass holder

11. Use 2 markers or popsicle sticks to hold the wick in place while it cools

12. Let cool

13. When the milk is about 95% hardened push the cookie in, that way it will be set into the candle but won’t melt .

14. Let fully dry

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Fragrance Oil Winter Set

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