Ken Wingard has a sentimental DIY memory book for all of your favorite Christmas cards.


  • Book
  • Grommet set
  • Book Rings (2)
  • Scrapbook
  • Spray Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Drill
  • Exacto knife

DIY Christmas Card Memory Book - Home & Family

1. Slice book along cover line to remove pages.

2. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit outside of spine and make sure it’s long enough so it bends over into the inside on both sides and glue it along the spine.

3. Cut a second piece of scrapbook paper to fit the inside of the book and spray glue on.

4. Drill holes close to the spine through the book for the grommets and rings.

5. Add grommets to the holes.

6. Add rings and Cards.

TIP: To know exactly where to hole punch your cards, create a guide with an extra piece of scrapbook paper that you keep in the book, so your cards are evenly punched every time.

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