Lifestyle expert and candle maker Andrea Schroder is getting into the festive spirit with this clever and creative DIY.
DIY Christmas Candles
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1. Cranberry Walnut Orange Candle Bowl

  1. Find a glass container or bowl twice as big as your jar candle
  2. Fill 1/3 up with a mixture of cranberries, orange slices, kumquats, walnuts or holiday mix of your choice
  3. Set smaller jar candle in the container or bowl and work holiday mixture around to your liking.

2. Rosemary & Ribbon Gift Candle

  1. First use twine or ribbon and wrap around top of jar candle and tie in knot add sprig of pine or rosemary on top of knot and tie bow catching the sprig. Glue can be used to secure and gift tag can be added same time as sprig.

3. Juniper or Ecalyptus wrapped candle

  1. Lay out leaves of choice and then spray with spray adhesive glue
  2. Press onto candle, then trim as needed and wrap with bow

4. Cinnamon stick Candle

  1. Use glue gun to glue sticks to side of candle – wrap with twine or ribbon to secure further

5. Bark covered Candle

  1. With a glue gun attach sections of bark to sides of candles – use twin to further secure.

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