Paige Hemmis has a DIY to help entertain your cat at home.


  • Faux sheepskin rugs (or any other fabric)
  • Either 2 identical wood ladders or find a towel rack that already comes with hinges.
  • If you are using two ladders, you will need some small cabinet hinges.
  • Small scrap wood (you can attach 1x2s together or use a 1x8 as a base for each level)
  • Twine (8mm thickness)
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet (get a thin kind at your hardware store)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Straps or fasteners to the wall.
DIY Cat Tree - Home & Family


1. Evaluate the size(s) of your cat(s).
2. If you use two ladders, fasten the two ladders at the top with your hinges.
3. With your scrap wood, make levels across the ladder by laying wood across each rung. Secure these in place with screws or nails.
4. Take the faux sheepskin rug and cut it to the size of each rung you have.
5. Attach with hot glue. Set aside.
6. Take your twine and start at the bottom and begin wrapping the sides with twine. Secure with hot glue every few rows up. Your kitties will be using this to scratch, so make sure that you wrap it tight.
7. Take your carpet and wrap a piece of wood. You can place this wherever you would like.
8. Find a place that your kitties would enjoy frolicking and relaxing at set it there. IMPORTANT: You MUST attach this to the wall. You can use brackets, straps or even long screws. Find a stud on the wall and attach it to that so your kitties cannot knock it over. If they don’t feel that it is secure, they won’t use it!

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