DIY Castle Lights with Tanya Memme


  • Image of building/castle
  • Fine Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Utility knife
  • Battery operated tea lights (must be battery operated-no open flames near paper!)

• Finding a good, compatible photo is key to making this project successful. You want to find a picture of a house or castle that’s taken front-on. I found mine on the internet, but you can look through old calendars or magazines or even a photo of your own house!
• Also, whatever photo you choose, it needs to have enough space on both vertical margins so it can wrap around to the back of the votive/cylinder. • You should choose a symmetrical image and one that has at least a few windows. Directions:

  1. Using scissors, cut out the shape of the castle or house. TIP: You want to start cutting and finish cutting at around the same height on the picture.
  2. Using your utility knife (and a cutting mat) cut out any windows from the photo. TIP: It’s easiest to press the utility knife in, rather than dragging over fragile printing paper.
  3. Wrap the photo into a cylinder shape and tape the ends together on the inside.
  4. Add your battery operated tea light and turn off the lights!

DIY Castle Lights with Tanya Memme

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