Ken Wingard shows how we can create a truly one of a kind paint project by doing a paint pour using acrylic paint from the Crayola Paint Pour Art Set.
DIY Canvas Paint Pour
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DIY Canvas Paint Pour - Home & Family


  • Crayola Acrylic Paint Set, Crayola Tempera paints or Crayola Paint Pour Kit
  • Canvas
  • Paint pouring medium
  • Silicone oil or other available oil
  • Deli cups medium and large
  • Large popsicle or stir sticks
  • Plastic sheeting


  • Disposable gloves


  1. Cover your work area with plastic sheeting for easy cleanup.
  2. Set out medium deli cups, one for each color. Pour paint pouring medium into each deli cup until they are about halfway full.
  3. Pour a paint color into each deli cup of pouring medium, enough to create the color you’d like.
  4. Mix each color of paint into the medium thoroughly.
  5. If desired, mix some oil into to the colors to achieve a bubbly marble effect. Mix thoroughly.
  6. Pour layers of each color mixture into a large deli cup. Do not mix.
  7. To pour the paint on the canvas, place the canvas face down onto the top of the large deli cup then flip the canvas over while holding onto the cup. Remove the cup and watch the paint flow out!
  8. Move the canvas around to spread the paint until the entire surface is covered.
  9. Lay the canvas flat to dry for 24 hours, hang as desired and enjoy!

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