Maria Provenzano is bringing some backyard entertainment to your party with this fun DIY.


  • Multiple Large Foam Core Sheets
  • Pencil
  • X-acto Knife or Box Cutter
  • Green Spray Paint or Paint
  • White Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Flower pot - (either plastic or terra cotta)
  • Gravel


1. Draw the large shape of a cactus over one sheet of foam core. The size of this cactus will determine how large your entire project will be. Make sure it has at least a couple of arms to give it more “toss” points. Cut out the shape.

2. Draw and cut vertical pieces to fit the shape of the cactus lengthwise. Cut these in half to create a perpendicular cactus shape.

3. Glue the perpendicular pieces with hot glue onto the cactus so that the entire cactus looks 3D.

4. Paint or spray paint the entire cactus green. Alternate between different shades of green for a more artistic look. Use a brush to paint on the white thorns around the cactus.

5. Optional: Hot glue artificial flowers around your cactus but try not to glue them on places that would prevent the rings from landing around the “arms.”

6. Cut a circle of foam core out, roughly the size of the middle of your flower pot. This will anchor your cactus into the flower pot.

7. Cut a “+” into the middle of the circle, the size of the perpendicular cactus shape. Fit the base of your cactus into this and place it into the flower pot.

8. Add gravel on top of the circular base to hold the cactus into the flower pot.

*For the rings: Cut various sizes of circles out of another sheet of foam core. If you want, you can paint these different colors to represent different points or teams!

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