DIY Bubbling Cauldron with Kym Douglas and Cristina


  • Store bought caldron
  • Foam core
  • Foam spray
  • Green Christmas lights
  • Green paint
  • Exacto knife
  • Sharpie


  • Fog machine
  • Bucket
  • Wood


  1. First, I pulled my cauldron onto my work table. Using a Sharpie, I outlined a small hole to cut for my light chord to come out of. Using an exacto knife, I carefully cut out the small hole. Next, I flipped the cauldron upside down on a piece of foam core and outlined the top. Using the exacto knife again, I cut a quarter of an inch inside my traced line.
  2. This allows for the final foam core to lay inside the top of cauldron. Just to check, I placed it inside to check for size. If your's is too big, adjust accordingly. Then, using green Christmas lights, I randomly pushed the bulbs through the foam core. Then, I fit the foam core securely on top, feeding lights into cauldron. I fed the power cord through hole I cut in the back.
  3. And finally, to create the eerie dripping stew, I used foam spray to seal the top. Once it expands and dries, I painted everything green.

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