Black Ash Basketmaker & Teacher JoAnn Catsos shares a simple DIY featuring dried wheat!


  • 6 pieces of dried wheat with straw (available at craft or floral shop)
  • Scissors 
  • carpet thread or string (beige)
  • Ruler
  • ribbon
  • wallpaper tray (for soaking wheat)


1. Select 6 pieces of wheat (you want nice heads and straws all the same size , and as long as possible between head and first 'node' or joint.

2. Cut straws just above the first 'node'; remove the dried leaf sheath and remaining straw.

3. Soak the prepared wheat in very warm water for 20 minutes to 2 hours, or until the straw can be bent easily without cracking (test bending the butt end of the straw).

4. Take 3 pieces of wheat and tie them together snugly with a square knot just under the wheat heads. Trim thread ends.

5. Braid the wheat straws for a distance of about 4".

6. Tie a square knot just above the end of the braid. Trim thread. Set the braid aside.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 with second set of 3 pieces of wheat.

8. Lay the two braids side-by-side with wheat heads facing away from you and straw ends pointing toward you. Tie both together with a square knot on top of the knots previously tied towards the straw end. Trim thread.

9. Spread the straw heads apart (will look like the letter 'Y'). Continue moving the straw heads apart and around. Tie them on either side of the bundle of straws, about 2 inches below the last tie, forming a heart. Trim thread.

10. Adjust the braid into a heart, and spread the wheat heads to evenly fill the bottom 180 degrees of the weaving. Dry flat.

11. Tie a bow directly on top of the last tie, hiding the thread. Add a second piece of ribbon as a hanger, covering the other thread tie.

12. Enjoy your Braided Wheat Heart!

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