Actress Renee Lawless is taking clear water bottle caps and turning them into cute little snowmen.


  • Clear water bottle caps. (Two caps per light… i.e. 200 caps for 100 lights)
  • Strand(s) of clear lights
  • All Purpose Tacky Glue
  • Hot glue/Hot Glue Gun
  • Oil paint sharpie markers
  • Wood burner
  • Small block of wood


1. Wash caps and dry thoroughly

2. Glue caps together with Tacky glue (super glue is way too messy and hot glue will not hold)

3. Draw snowmen faces or peppermint on both sides of caps.

4. Use hot wood burner to melt a small hole through the side of caps

5. Stick lights in hole. Depending on while size they may attach without hot glue. If loose, you can secure them with hot glue.

6. TADA!!!

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