Orly Shani shows you a very crafty and clever way to keep the shape of your boots by using a pool noodle.


1. Measure the height of the shaft of your boot from the inside

2. Using your blade, cut pool noodle to appropriate length.

3. Cut a notch across the center of the top of the pool noodle deep enough so the bottom of the ring sits in flush, leaving the top flat.

4. Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside of the notch cut in the top of the noodle, set the wooden ring in.
*Either glue option can work for the entire project, use whichever is more convenient. *

5. Allow glue to dry

6. Cut a strip of fabric an inch wider than the diameter of your pool noodle, the length can vary, but should be 6” or longer.

7. Glue strip over the notch on the top of the pool noodle by stretching it over the sides, through the wooden ring, to cover any pool noodle that would be visible from the top or around the edges of the wooden ring.

8. Measure the circumference of your pool noodle.

9. Add 1 ½” to the length to both the length and to the circumference of the pool noodle, this is the measurement for the fabric covering for the boot shaper.

10. Cut out a piece of fabric according to your measurements.

11. Folding under the top and bottom ¾” each for a clean hem, glue raw edge of the length of fabric vertically along the body of the pool noodle.
*You can press all of the hems with an iron beforehand for ease. *

12. Once you’ve wrapped the fabric all the way around the noodle, dab glue along the raw edge of the fabric and then fold the raw edge under 1” to create hemmed edge.

13. Pull the fabric tight, so you have no wrinkles in your fabric and glue down edge of hem.

14. Allow glue to dry and enjoy!

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