Ken Wingard is helping you dry your muddy boots with this DIY.


  • Wood Ladder
  • Dowels (1” inch Diameter)
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Boots


1. Choose your ladder. An old, vintage ladder is perfect for this DIY. It will give your old ladder that no longer functions for its true purpose, a new purpose

2. Cut dowels to desired length

*Tip: You can get your dowels cut at a hardware store. Use the boots you plan on hanging on the ladder as a guide for how long your dowels should be.

3. Mark the center of each step, then 4” on either side of the steps for where you should place your dowels.

4. Pre-drill your screws through the back side of where you have marked. Pre-drill dowels for easier assembly.

5. Screw dowels in place.

*Tip: You can paint your dowels to match the color of your ladder or paint the entire ladder after the dowels have been attached.

6. Lean against a wall and hang your boots to dry!

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