DIY Boo Boo Bunnies with Tanya Memme


  • Square shaped, flat, cotton washcloth (no decorations or borders) that measures about 11.5” on each side
  • Plastic egg-your choice of color-should be the size of a real egg
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Ribbon (1/4” width)
  • Mini google eyes
  • Small self-stick puff balls (1 large and 1 small for tail and nose)
  • Needle and black thread

- Place the washcloth in a diamond shape (bottom point facing towards you)
- Take the bottom points and roll them towards the center, until the sides reach each other (Note: Rolls should not overlap and should not be too tight) - Fold the cloth roll in half around the egg (with the rolls on the inside), you will now have a “U” shape (with the pointed ends down) - Pinch or gather the loop so that the egg fits inside (this is just to measure how big or small the loop needs to be based on your egg. The egg should just fit—not too tight or loose) - Take the rubber band and wrap around the gathered part (this will be the bunny’s neck) - Remove the egg - Take the gathered points of the cloth and fold them back over the rubber band so that each of the pointed portions is about ½ the length. At this point, you should have a round ball, bunny’s head and 2 pointed bunny ears - Using another rubber band, wrap tightly and gather portion at the same point you gathered the bunny’s neck (You will have a double wrap at the neck) - Form the ears by smoothing them up and make any necessary adjustments - Glue on the bunny nose, tail, eyes and tie the ribbon around the neck - Place the egg back into the loop

DIY Boo Boo Bunnies with Tanya Memme

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