Shirley Bovshow is showing you how to care for your own bonsai tree at home.


  • Juniper, Ficus or Boxwood plant
  • Bonsai container- (they are usually shallow and have 1 or 2 drain holes)
  • Coated metal wire and piece of plastic mesh to secure the tree in the container
  • Bonsai soil is best and offers perfect drainage
  • Sharp pruners. (Since I dabble in bonsai, I've invested in special bonsai cutters and shears)
Bonsai Trees 101 - Home & Family


Prepare Container
1. Pull a long piece of wire through the container holes and insert plastic mesh to keep soil from falling out.
2. Fill with Bonsai soil and create a small mound off center; mist with water .

Prepare Plant
1. Remove soil from plant to expose roots as well as the root flare at the base of the plant.
2. Trim the roots so that they fit the depth of the container.
3. Find the "front of the tree" and place on the soil. Secure with the metal wire.

Prune & Shape Tree
1. Start by observing your tree from all angles. Remove stems from the bottom to expose your new trunk.
2. Continue removing stems until you have an open canopy and well-shaped tree.
3. Finish container by topping soil with moss or with pea gravel.

How to Care for Bonsai
1. These are outdoor plants by nature, so place in your brightest room, but not direct sunshine.
2. Water when soil feels dry to the touch
3. Trim leaves or new stems as needed to keep in shape.

Repotting Your Bonsai
1. Every few years, remove from container and trim any roots that are overgrown and reset in container.
2. The goal is to stay in the same container for many years until you pass it on to the next generation!

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