Paige Hemmis has the perfect DIY for a Boho-style wedding.


    DIY Boho Veil - Home & Family


    1. Pick fabric (either tulle or organza). We will be using tulle and scalloped lace beaded material.

    2. Decide whether you want a crown/headpiece or a simple comb in the back to hold the veil. We will be doing one of each.

    3. Decide size of veil that you would like. I've attached the different lengths that are popular in a photo chart. We will be doing two different lengths: fingertip and elbow.

    4. Collect the embellishments you would like to use. We will be using beads, feathers and flowers (boho is generally things you find naturally occurring in the world/earth).

    5. Using your desired headpiece and add tulle to it using hot glue and a needle and thread.

    6. Add your embellishments with using hot glue and a needle and thread.

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