An Orly Shani DIY.


  • 1 1/2 Yards of heavy weighted fabric
  • 4 Curtain Grommets
  • Belt
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Chalk


1) Fold your fabric lengthwise, salvage to salvage.

2) This will be the width of your poncho on each side. If it is too long, simply cut off the desired amount all the way down to shorten the length of the sleeve.

3) Now mark the halfway point from top to bottom (this will create an even front and back) or fold in half and mark halfway point.

4) Cut on the fold and stop at your halfway mark.

5) Open the fold and place the poncho on with the opening in front like a cardigan.

6) Mark with a pin or chalk where you want your button holes on the front and back.

7) Lay your fabric out and use the marker that the grommet package came with.

8) Cut out a circle and follow the directions to place your curtain grommet on the fabric.

9) And simply run a belt through the loops and you're done!

Blanket Cardigan - Home & Family

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