DIY Birch Wood Tin Can Planters

Maria Provenzano is making her own birch wood tin can plants using empty cans, succulents and wrapping paper.


  • empty cans
  • succulents or whatever plants you like
  • dirt
  • glue; any kind should work, I like using hot glue 
  • wrapping paper with birch wood design and/work birch wood container wrap (this can look more realistic) 
  • Scissors
  • ruler
  • Christmas decorations; optional 
DIY Birch Wood Tin Can Planters - Home & Family


1) Place dirt and plant into the tin can

2) Make sure the outside of the can is clean

3) Measure the height of the cans

4) Cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the measured can

5) Apply glue to the can, and tightly wrap the birch scrapbook paper around the can and glue
the edges to secure it and create a clean line

6) Add Christmas decorations as desired

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