DIY Big Bubble Maker with Matt Rogers

Making The Big Bubble Solution:
• 1 gallon hot water
• ¼ cup glycerin (available in many pharmacies and craft stores) • 1 cup dishwashing liquid Gently mix all ingredients together. This seems to work best if you allow it to sit overnight in an open container before using for the first time. Making The Bubble Wand:

  1. Start with two wooden dowels. You can get them at the home goods/hardware store.
  2. Cut two pieces of cotton string, one longer than the other.
  3. Secure both pieces of string, tied them to the ends of the dowels for smaller scale wands, for bigger ones, screw eyehooks into the dowels.
  4. Put strings on the end of the dowels – put a 20-inch string right below a shorter string, 13 inches. Add a washer to weigh the bottom string down.
  5. Pour your bubble solution into the shallow container. Submerge the dowels and string, then slowly lift up by the handles. Gently pull apart the handles until the strings are taut and then let the wind or your movement help a big bubble take shape. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but the kids will love perfecting their techniques.