Paige Hemmis is taking a bicycle wheel, plywood, chalkboard and sticker labels and them into a creative DIY.


  • Bicycle wheel without the tire (20” Diamater)
  • 8” Plywood
  • hot glue
  • chalkboard
  • sticker labels


1. Start with the wheel without the tire (buy one or use an old one)

2. Count the triangles on the wheel

3. Trace the area of one of the inverted triangles to form a pattern

4. Trace the area slightly larger so you have a little over-lap over the spokes

5. After you have your pattern cut from paper, trace onto plywood 9 times (or however many triangles your wheel has)

6. Saw the triangles and sand the rough edges

7. Spray paint with chalkboard paint and let dry

8. Add chalkboard labels to the top of each nine sections

9. Write the days of the week and have 2 additional triangles for special notes

10. Hot glue the chalkboard triangles over the spokes to hold them in place

11. Cover the bolt with metal sleeves (this makes the wheel spin)

12. Cut a piece of wood to use as the back of the calendar

13. Drill a hole large enough to screw the bolt into

14. Attach the wheel to the wood with a bolt and then attach the board directly to a stud in the wall

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