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DIY Bell Sleeves - Home & Family


1) Take two measurements: 1. the circumference of the sleeve of your existing blouse; 2. Measure the length you want on the sleeve - measure from the elbow or whichever part of the forearm you want it to start

2) Create pattern using butcher paper. Use tape measure to mark out the points.

3) You need to create a curve so that when you create the cone that is the bell sleeve, it joins tO make a straight line round the bottom

4) Pin the pattern paper to the fabric you’ve chosen, and cut it out. (make sure you’ve left enough for hemming and a sewing seam)

5) Make a seam on the bell

6) Pin the hem and stitch

7) Cut across vertically elbow or forearm

8) Pin the bell to the blouse sleeve by turning it inside out and placing it like a cone upwards on the sleeve

9) Stitch bell to sleeve

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