DIY Beauty with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Butternut Squash Hoof Healer:
Let’s start with our feet, which need special attention the day after Thanksgiving. If you’re anything like me, you were cooking all day, on your feet in the kitchen! The Vitamin E in butternut squash is great for relieving dry, cracked skin on achy feet. Just mix it with oil and some milk (which has lactic acid for extra exfoliation)! Normally you’d want to put everything in a foot basin but I’m too busy for that. So I just take mine to go…in fact, I’m "wearing" it right now!
Combine Butternut Squash, Milk And Vegetable Oil To Soothe Cracked, Dry Feet. "Sugar Snap Out Of It" Body Scrub with Pumpkin:
During the holidays our skin seems to take a toll. Once the stress of Thanksgiving is over, I recommend making this scrub to help "snap your skin back into shape!" It’s just 2 cups of brown sugar, 6 tsp of pumpkin filling, vanilla extract and sweet almond oil. The brown sugar naturally exfoliates and the pumpkin is full of Vitamin C and A with lots of antioxidants that help fight free radicals.
Mix brown sugar with leftover pumpkin puree for an effective body scrub. "Rudolph's" Cranberry Blackhead Remover
You're bound to have some leftover cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving. Combine 2 tbsp cranberry sauce with 1 tbsp of instant oatmeal and you’ve made an effective black head buster! Not only is oatmeal great for acne-prone skin (absorbs oil from skin surface) but cranberry juice is rich in resveratrol (an antioxidant which helps minimize oily skin and acne). Cranberries also contain enzymes that naturally exfoliate dead skin and help unclog your pores. You might look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…
Combine Instant Oatmeal With Cranberry Sauce To Combat Blackheads!
Brussels Sprout Firming Mask

Brussels sprout firming face mask- Brussels sprouts are great for a taut face because they contain vitamin C, which has a tightening effect. Egg whites can help minimize the appearance of pores. Just put 1 cooked Brussels sprout with 2 egg whites in the food processor to get a frothy mixture. Leave on face for 10 minutes. Warning: you may look a little like The Grinch. Use Your Leftover Brussels Sprouts To Make A Tightening Face Mask.
Whipped Cream For Hair

Who doesn't have whipped cream at home the day after Thanksgiving? It’s more than just a tasty topping, it works wonders for shaving your legs, removing makeup and even getting rid of split ends! Split Ends Solution: Apply ½ Cup Whipped Cream To Dry Hair And Leave In For 30 Mins.

Kym Douglas' DIY Beauty with Thanksgiving Leftovers

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