Maria Provenzano is lighting up our Summer Nights with DIY lanterns that look like beach balls.


  • Rice paper lanterns
  • Paint in desired beach ball colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Deli cups
  • Fairy twinkle lights
  • Twine or fishing line


  1. Set up the lanterns according to instructions.
  2. Mark what portions of the lantern you want to paint which color. Look at a photo of a beach ball for reference, they usually have 6 sections depending on the size.
  3. Paint the first layer of paint on each section gently because the rice paper is delicate. Set on deli cups so that the lanterns don’t roll all over the place. PRO TIP: do this indoors or on a very still day, wind will blow the lanterns all over the place.
  4. Paint a second coat over each color.
  5. Feed the fair lights into each lantern then wrap the cord around the top bar to secure.
  6. Hang as desired off of twine or fishing line, turn the lights on and enjoy!
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