DIY Balloon Drop for New Year's Eve

Ken Wingard shows you how to make this fantastic DIY just in time for New Year's Eve!


  • Masking Tape
  • 8ft by 6ft Thin Plastic Sheet or Trash Bags
  • String
  • Balloons


  1. Fold an 8 ft by 6ft sheet of thin plastic into an “envelope” like shape and tape the short ends shut using the masking tape
  2. Fill the inside of the envelope with desired number of balloons
  3. Using 1-inch pieces of tape, tape together the long open end of plastic “envelope”. Place the pieces far apart but close enough together that the balloons cannot slip through. (Do not over tape, or it will not break off easily!)
  4. Attach one long string across each tab of tape, leaving a length of the string at the end of the envelope long enough to pull
  5. Secure entire “envelope” sheet filled with balloons to ceiling. Make sure the taped opening of the envelope faces downward.
  6. When ready, pull the string so that it snaps off the pieces of tape and balloons should cascade down!
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