Transform your backyard into a bowling alley.
DIY Backyard Bowling
Wood Craft


  • ¾” Plywood purchased at 4’ x 8’
  • Simpson tie mending plates
  • 4” x 4” wood cut to:
    • 6’ - x2
    • 4’ - x1
    • 41 ½” - x 2
  • 64 sq ft. Of tongue and groove flooring panels
  • ¾” screws
  • 3 ½” screws
  • Plastic bowling set and ball
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Mallets
  • Measuring tape
  • Speed square
  • Saw horses


  • ½” Plywood to create proscenium
  • ½” thick corbels to use as jacks for proscenium - x4
  • Spray paint in desired colors
  • Jigsaw
  • Chop saw


  1. Cut the wood to size or have it done for you at your local hardware store. Most hardware stores sell the plywood in 4’ x 8’ sheets.
  2. If you are creating a proscenium, cut out and paint now. Keep the center cut out to use as the backboard for the bowling lane later as well. Paint the corbels now too.
  3. Position the plywood sheets so that they are touching on saw horses to elevate.
  4. Screw mending plates to join the boards using the ¾” screws.
  5. Flip the boards over so that the plates live on the bottom.
  6. Place the tongue and groove flooring. Use a mallet to hammer each board in securely. Screw in to secure.
  7. Place the 4’ 4” x 4” at the end then screw through the bottom of the plywood up into the 4” x 4” in multiple places until secure, using 3 ½” screws.
  8. Place the 41 ½” 4’ x 4’ pieces on each side butted up against the end piece. Screw up through the bottom to secure using 3 ½” screws.
  9. If adding the proscenium, screw a corbel onto the front and back on the outer edge of each side to stabilize it. Make sure to place them on the outer edges so the wood can sit in the 4” x 4”.
  10. If adding the proscenium, put it in place then lay the last two 6’ 4” x 4” pieces on each side of the lane. Screw up through the bottom to secure with 3 ½” screws. If you are not adding the proscenium, lay them butted up right against the piece before.
  11. Paint or stain the 4” x 4” side and back rails if desired.
  12. Screw the backboard panel you cut out from the proscenium earlier to the back 4” x 4” rail with 3 ½” screws.
  13. Set the pins and enjoy!
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