A baby-friendly DIY from Orly Shani.


  • Old T-Shirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Snap tape
  • Measuring tape

Baby T-Shirt Onesies - Home & Family


1) If you are making your onesie from a large shirt

2) Start with a onesie that fits your baby now

3) Lay it on top of the t-shirt, being sure that the neckline is centered.

4) Next cut about an 1" outside of the lines so you have seam allowance.

5) Follow the lines of the back underwear panel of the onesie

6) Once that's cut you can go back in and make that front panel shorter

7) Flip your shirt inside out and pin your side seams together

8) Pin your snap tape on, being sure to include a male and female side. then sew

9) If you're using a small childs shirt:

10) Cut only the bottom of the shirt into the shape of your childs onesie, keeping the rest of the shirt in tact.

11) Apply snap tape to the bottom panels like above.

12) To make it romper style

13) Cut a U-shape in the bottom of the shirt. this will create a harem pant type style. -Apply snap tape all the way around the front and back and sew.

14) If the shirt was too wide to begin with, Take in the sides from the sleeve all the way down to the leg


1) Cut a u-shape in the bottom of the pant, creating a harem pant -Pin and sew together

2) Cut the back of the shirt open down to the waist

3) Pin snap tape on either side and sew into place

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